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Steve Kitt. Experience Ecommerce SpecialistI have a soft spot for helping small & medium sized businesses to compete and grow in this wickedly competitive digital world.  So outside of my day job I offer my Experience Ecommerce skills and services on a freelance basis – evenings & weekends – helping digital leaders to – understand their digital challenges – create online growth – find the right people – and make the right decisions!

I choose work which I find interesting – because what I learn can be of real value within my day job – and it’s great for my Continuous Professional Development – CPD.

With my wife I also run Castlerose Boat Stay which is a hotel boat offering self catering accommodation in Castlefield Basin, Central Manchester.  I manage all things online including AirBnB, & Tripadvisor and use Facebook for social engagement and to drive traffic back to the website which I have built in WordPress & Woocommerce.

I enjoy a night out with friends, watching footy, munro bagging and canal boating.

Through a career spanning 25+ years in the IT, Digital & Creative industries, I have gained valuable insights across the digital spectrum.

I know: Sitecore. ChanelAdvisor.  Wordpress.  WooCommerce. Customer experience, personalisation, A/B & Multi-variate testing, experience ecommerce, multichannel e-commerce, selling on Ebay & Amazon marketplaces, Google Shopping, paid search, search engine optimisation, community building, CRM, social media marketing, measuring ROI, analytics & reporting.

I’ve helped businesses across the trades, professions & sectors.  From a recruitment agent through to an industrial pump distributor.  I’ve helped online retailers with their ecommerce, hotels & restaurants with online bookings, solicitors & travel agents with lead gen.  Even a milkman with customer orders being messaged thru to his mobile phone.  I’ve helped friends  who have gone freelance and started up their own business and ex-colleagues who now run their own digital agencies.

If I can help you – or you know someone who could do with some help – then please get in touch – recommendations & referrals are always appreciated.

Thank You.


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